The Magma Glove
The Magma Glove
GamerTech Magma Glove on Esports Player


The GamerTech™ Magma Glove empowers gamers to impose their will on the playing field with improved precision and mobility. The glove uses innovative Thin Film Thermal Regulation (TFTR) Technology and Compression to boost your gaming performance!

It’s time to reach out and grab the future of performance gear.

Unrivaled Technology

The Magma Glove is equipped with technology that puts gamers first. Featuring advanced Thin Film Thermal Regeneration Technology and Compression, the Glove is designed to deliver active heating to exactly where you need it. Choose between three heat settings and timed cycles to customize your experience throughout the game.

Battle-Tested Fit

The Magma Glove, tested and vouched for by Professional Esports Players is battle-tested on the greatest stage. With exposed fingertips, and a specialized glide patch to eliminate friction, the glove is a perfect fit for pregame warmups, training routines, practice sessions, and even competitions. Plus, thanks to premium moisture-wicking materials and cutting-edge construction, this gear will never get in the way of your game.

Elite gaming Performance

Targeted heat and compression help keep motor skills sharp, improve response time, and keep gamers playing longer. From casuals to professional try-hards, any player can boost performance and experience with the Magma Glove.

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