Gamer wearing the GamerTech Pro Jersey

GamerTech’s BTM technology is engineered to remove distractions that inhibit your gaming performance. This innovative technology leverages dynamic evaporative cooling and enhanced moisture management to create advanced apparel that provides all-day comfort.

Dynamic Evaporative Cooling 

This technology utilizes thermo-responsive hydro-functional polymers that allow it to dynamically control the rate of evaporative cooling in response to the microclimate temperature between the body and the garment. Cooling is activated by rising microclimate temperature and turns off once cooling is complete.

Enhanced Moisture Management 

Gaming for extended periods can cause sweating and discomfort. To combat this, BTM technology utilizes lightweight and breathable fabric that rapidly wicks away moisture, making sure that gamers stay dry and comfortable during their gaming sessions. .


One of the key features of the BTM technology is its ability to reduce odor. The fabric is coated with an anti-odor finish that helps you to stay fresh throughout your gaming sessions.

GamerTech’s BTM technology offers several advantages

  • Comfort through cooling
  • Freshness through odor control
  • Rapidly wicks away moisture
  • Lightweight and breathable materials
  • Engineered to work for prolonged gaming sessions

Our Product Solutions

Esports player gaming while wearing the GamerTech Magma Glove


Advanced tech apparel with heating, cooling, haptics, lighting, etc.