Two Esports Players Wearing the Magma Glove
Esports Player Sporting the Magma Glove

The TFTR platform is one of the most advanced heating technologies developed by GamerTech. With its integrated Graphene and reflective layers, the TFTR platform is designed to improve comfort! The platform is the hallmark technology behind Magma Glove, GamerTech's innovative performance wearable designed to improve gaming performance.

What are graphene-infused active heat zones?

Graphene is a very thin sheet of carbon that has many remarkable features, such as being able to carry electricity and heat very well and being very strong and flexible.
Active heat zones refer to specific areas on the glove that are coated with graphene. This coating helps to dissipate the heat, allowing for greater thermal comfort. In addition to this, the gloves are equipped with a reflective layer that aids in energy conservation. All these features combined make TFTR the most advanced heating platform of its kind.

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Esports player gaming while wearing the GamerTech Magma Glove


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