Two hands wearing the Magma Glove holding a gaming controller
two hands wearing the GamerTech Magma Glove reaching for each other

Gamertech is the leading provider of merchandising solutions and performance wearables for esports teams. We help you create and sell custom apparel, accessories, gaming gear and more that reflect your team’s identity, values and style. We also offer cutting-edge devices and software that enhance your gaming skills, health and well-being.

Our Product Solutions

Esports player gaming while wearing the GamerTech Magma Glove


Advanced tech apparel with heating, cooling, haptics, lighting, etc.


Esports Player Wearing the Pro Jersey with Body Thermal Management Technology


Product Level Collaboration

Combine your innovations with our technology to revolutionise the gaming arena with synergised product and technology solutions.

What You Gain

Gaming Controllers

Increased Revenue

Generate more income from your merchandise sales and sponsorships. Attract more fans and customers with your unique and high-quality products.

Esports Player Wearing the Magma Glove on both hands

Competitive Edge

Increase your competitiveness both in the market and in-game by levelling up with Gamertech.

How to get Started

STEP 2: Introductory call to understand your brand and requirements.