The GT Magma: More than just a warmup glove

The GT Magma: More than just a warmup glove

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Studies with OXG Esports reveal the Magma Gaming Glove can enhance performance beyond a simple warmup.

As this article is being written, the world’s 48 best Call of Duty players are embroiling themselves in a series of brutal deathmatches in The Call of Duty League (CDL). They are elite esports athletes. Dizzyingly fast reflexes, unreal precision, and boatloads of stamina are non-negotiable requirements at their level. One of the teams in CDL playoff contention is Boston Breach of Oxygen Esports.

OXG Esports is an esports giant with elite teams across dozens of globally competitive esports titles. Keeping their athletes at their best requires innovative esports conditioning.  This led to a partnership between OXG Esports and us, the tech-based gaming wearable company GamerTech, that has already celebrated several years of beneficial symbiosis. OXG was the first to receive GamerTech’s technology based wearables to boost performance, while GamerTech hones its gear with the feedback from OXG’s athletes.

OXG’s finger is firmly on the pulse of global gaming, allowing them deep insights into current and future gamer needs. These insights are vital to GamerTech as it expands its portfolio of gamer-centric tech based wearables to meet the evolving challenge of improving gamer performance, experience and wellness.

Most recently, OXG’s esports athletes tested the GT Magma Glove. Designed to be a game-changer in gaming warmups and performance, GamerTech created the GT Magma Glove to keep a gamer’s speed, accuracy and endurance razor-sharp throughout not only single gaming sessions but their careers. Quick kill followed quick kill and it was apparent that the precisely engineered heating footprint of the magma glove effectively boosted and sustained the pros at peak performance. 

This was not only reported qualitatively by the gamers but also backed by quantitative data acquired on Aim Labs. The GT Magma Glove boosted player accuracy and time to kill. The findings of the test not only proved the GT Magma Glove effective, but also broadened potential applications for gamers that can be explored with future iterations.

GamerTech plans to further fine-tune the GT Magma Glove with OXG, ensuring everything from design and feel to performance is perfect for gamers. The partnership won’t end there. GamerTech plans on using input from the athletes to create and fine-tune more gamer-centric gear that boost performance, amplify experience and enhance wellness.