The Genesis of the Body Thermal Management Suit

The Genesis of the Body Thermal Management Suit

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Building a true esports tshirt

The sound of roaring crowds and high-pitched commentators, giddy with excitement, would have you thinking you were listening to a champions league football match or the NBA finals; but you would be wrong. You would instead be listening to the concluding minutes of the Dota 2 finals. Two teams; Team Spirit and Team PSG.LGD; dueling to the end, every team member locked in, constantly rethinking their strategies while performing thousands of actions to coordinate attacks, spells, and movement. With over 18 million dollars of prize money on the line, the stakes of that game were incredibly high.

With esports having reached the levels of competitiveness, popularity, and lucrativeness normally reserved for conventional sports, GamerTech recognized the need for specialized gear built around the needs of esports athletes. Taking a page from the playbook of top-of-the-line swimwear producer Speedo, GamerTech sought to use purpose built wearables to address gamer needs. 

GamerTech collaborated with some of the best esports athletes and esports health professionals to find out how better gear could help maximize gamer performance. We found that a major problem faced by many gamers is the discomfort caused by increased body temperature, sweat, and bad odor. The resulting sensations can be extremely distracting, which can mean winning or losing in high-stakes esports. For example, coordinating a chaotic battlefield with teammates or outmaneuvering 99 opponents in a battle royale, elements of major games, require absolute focus to do well.

Knowing this, GamerTech developed its Body Thermal Management suit, or BTM, an engineered garment designed to cut out the sensations that sap attention away from the game. A shirt truly built for gamers. It uses a combination of functional fabric and finishes that help the wearer manage their thermal comfort, stay dry, and combat bad odor; functioning as a personal climate control system. Gamers wearing the BTM Suit can tune out those physical sensations and entirely channel their focus on their game. 

By giving back a gamer their entire bandwidth of focus, the BTM Suit unlocks their full potential, getting them closer to victory. We are excited for the BTM suit to take esports by storm and hope it quickly becomes a staple for any esports athlete hungry for wins.