Engineering The BTM Suit

Engineering The BTM Suit

Building a true esports T-shirt


Engineering apparel-based esports gear that can help keep a gamer’s body-temperature constant is no small feat. While esports athletes may not visibly be under enormous strain, competitive esports, especially at the highest levels, are extremely demanding. 

A study conducted by The German Sports University Cologne showed that esports athletes produce as much cortisol (a stress hormone) as a race-driver and reach the same heart rates as marathoners (160-180 bpm) during competitive play. This is not surprising, as during intense sessions gamers deal with challenges that elicit emotions ranging from extreme anxiety to outright excitement. When the body perceives a stressful or exciting situation, it signals for the release of adrenaline into the bloodstream, this leads to an increase in metabolic heat production and direct stimulation of sweat glands. 

The BTM suit’s purpose is to help manage the body’s response to a stressful situation by regulating a gamer’s body temperature, as well as managing sweat and tackling bad odor. This is achieved through a combination of engineered fabrics and functional finishes. 

The BTM suit is able to regulate body temperature through the use of a special thermoresponsive hydro-functional polymer that coats each individual yarn of the fabric. This polymer allows the BTM suit to dynamically respond to changes in the microclimate between a gamer’s skin and the inside of their apparel. By changing its affinity to moisture in response to temperature this special polymer can control the rate of evaporative cooling; speeding it up when the wearer feels warm and slowing it down when the cooling is complete.

Utilizing engineered yarn cross sections and specialized knitting techniques, the fabric is made to rapidly wick moisture and spread it over a large area of the outer surface, dissipating it before it can cause distraction or discomfort. The fabric is also coated with an antimicrobial layer which prevents the growth of bacteria that feed on the constituents of sweat and release volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which we perceive as bad odor.

The final piece to the puzzle was the construction of the garment itself. Bringing out technology into a product form factor (esports jersey). GamerTech focused primarily on delivering prolonged comfort throughout the course of a gaming session. From the fabric combinations used to provide optimum coverage for different areas of the body, all the way down to the seam placement and the threads used in the seams themselves. Through this, we are able to deliver a complete solution engineered specifically for gamers.

The collaboration between avid scientists and passionate gamers at GamerTech led to the engineering of the BTM suit. It embodies GamerTech’s vision of boosting performance, enhancing wellness, and amplifying experience. We are confident our hard work will translate to boosted gamer performance in the future.