Esports Player Wearing the Magma Glove
Esports Player Sporting the Magma Glove

Introducing the GamerTech® Magma GloveIt’s Time To Get Your Game On

GamerTech Magma Glove on Esports Player

Every gamer wants to play longer, win more, and do it all in maximum comfort. It’s not just about the glory of seeing your name on that leaderboard when the pressure’s on, your whole team is counting on you. It’s time to level up.
With the Magma Glove from GamerTech® , you can become a better player, teammate, and leader on the field. Advanced heating technology and engineered materials deliver unwavering precision at every turn, and a comfortable fit ensures you’re ready for whatever the battle brings your way.

Better Training

Step up your warmups, training routines, and practice sessions with customizable heat delivered right where you need it. The Magma Glove uses Thin Film thermal Regeneration Technology and Compression to boost performance and warm you up before and during the game.

Better Players

Play better, win more, and find out what you’re really capable of. From casual gamers to entire professional Try-Hards, any player can enjoy the faster reaction time, improved precision, and performance boost of battle-tested gamer gear.

The Future at Your Fingertips

At GamerTech®, our mission is to help partners and gamers LEVEL UP. We’re here to be the global leader in disruptive product and technology solutions for esports athletes and gamers. From amplifying experiences to enhancing wellness, we’re the future of performance gear and you can be too. Take your real-world inventory to the next level. The whole team will thank you.

Be The First in Line

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