Gamer holding a controller while wearing a sub-zero glove
Gamer holding a controller while wearing a sub-zero glove

Haptic Feedback Technology

Haptic feedback technology is a method of assigning a tactile feedback response to a designated input. It is used in electronic devices to recreate the sense of touch, through vibrations or forces, to the user. Haptic feedback is not just used in the world of gaming, although the term has become synonymous with the PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller.

Haptic feedback offers more impact when it’s trying to simulate what it would feel like to interact with something in real life. For example, the haptic feedback in a controller may feel more subtle or more delicate if your character is running around in the rain, but feel more intense when firing a gun in an FFS title.

GamerTech and Haptic Feedback Technology

Our dedicated team of researchers and engineers are working tirelessly to integrate the most novel technologies with our performance gear to bring you the best possible products. Haptic Feedback Tech provides exciting new frontiers to expand into, allowing GamerTech to develop new products that in designed to increase your immersion and amplify your experience. Keep a lookout for our new products to be the first to experience gaming like never before!