Levelling up gaming performance with Dr Lindsey Migliore

Posted on 09 Mar 2022

Dr Lindsey Migliore has partnered with GamerTech to optimize our gear to meet the true performance needs of gamers and scientifically test and validate our solutions.

Dr. Lindsey Migliore. Image Credits: GamerDoc

You may be more familiar with her moniker  ‘The GamerDoc’. Dr Lindsey Migliore is a lifelong gamer and physician specializing in making gamers perform at an elite level by optimizing their health. After pursuing a career as a physician and pwning at competitive gaming, she found her purpose by making these seemingly separate paths intersect, becoming a pioneer of esports health.

Dr Migliore’s work involves giving gamers a massive boost in performance and longevity through a rigorous science-based approach to understanding and addressing gamer health. Her reputation is stellar; she has been named a PlayVS game changer for her advocacy work, she has been cited in articles in publications like Wired and PC Gamer, she works with some of the best esports athletes and coaches.

GamerTech is beyond excited that Dr Lindsey Migliore is one of the main driving forces behind optimizing our esports gear. With Dr Migliore’s partnership, GamerTech will continue being uncompromising about providing gamers with real boosts to their performance and career longevity.