Boston Breach Places Fourth at CODL Major 3 with Support from Performance Gear Partner GamerTech™

Posted on 11 Mar 2023

Boston Breach, an Oxygen Esports owned team, recently earned an impressive 4th place finish at CODL Major 3, and their partner, GamerTech™, was present to show their support. 

Boston Breach’s impressive finish at CODL Major 3 demonstrates the success of Oxygen Esports’ partnership with GamerTech™. As the team continues to climb esports rank, they rely on GamerTech™ to provide them with the gear they need to perform at their best.

GamerTech™ is a tech-based gaming wearables company that specializes in creating gear that enhance esports athletes’ performance. With advanced cryotherapy, active compression, haptics, and other cutting-edge technology, GamerTech™ wearables are designed to optimize performance and give esports teams a competitive edge.

The partnership between Oxygen Esports and GamerTech™ has been a key driver of the organization’s success, 


providing the team with access to advanced technology and expertise that can help them take their performance to the next level. As the partnership continues to grow, Boston Breach will undoubtedly continue to achieve new heights in the world of esports.