The GamerTech™ Body Thermal Management Suit allows a gamer to battle for hours on end without breaking a sweat. Thermoregulation, from its micro-engineered fabric, maintains optimal temperature while the anti-bacterial layer keeps the gamer odor-free for up to 72 hours.


Thermal Regulation

The GamerTech™ BTM Suit’s material is micro-engineered to maintain a stable internal temperature, regardless of whether the environment is hot or cold. Perforated zones near the underarms and lower back allow the garment to breathe, stopping the formation of hot zones.

Flawless Victory

An antibacterial layer coupled with thermoregulation capability prevents sweat patches or body odor for up to 72 hours of play.

Focus on the game

A gamer’s success lies in their focus and immersion. The GamerTech™ BTM Suit prevents its wearer from letting environmental distractions sap their attention or confidence. Instead, they get to focus on winning.