GamerTech at the world’s largest tech convention: CES 2022

Posted on 17 Feb 2022

CES 2022 kicked off in Las Vegas this January, and the tech world sprang to life with the next wave of global innovation going on display.


GamerTech booth at CES 2022

The Consumer Electronics Show, CES, is the ultimate stage for cutting-edge technology, with established tech giants and disruptors showcasing their unreleased projects and enthusiasts observing technology megatrends.

The GamerTech booth was designed to take visitors on a journey of human-centric design thinking and apparel technology coming together to create sophisticated gaming and esports gear. Hands-on experiences and ambitious minds were able to take GamerTech’s solutions from mere concept to real-life experience.

GamerTech’s booth in the Lifestyle section of CES 2022 created a buzz among businesspeople, bloggers, and consumers alike, attracting a footfall of over a thousand tech enthusiasts. Also, on-board was GamerTech’s expertise and manufacturing prowess due to being backed by one of the world’s largest tech apparel manufacturers – MAS Holdings.

We demonstrated our first generation of gamer performance, experience and wellness products to a broad segment of consumers as well as potential business partners to understand the offtake and relevance within the space. Almost everyone wanted to get their hands on GamerTech products, and we were overwhelmed by the response and interest within the different customer segments. We hope to make our product solutions available to gamers through our partners’ ecosystems in the near future, and we are currently laying plans to accelerate the market introduction within this year.

– Amila Pathirana
Founder and Head of GamerTech


GamerTech showcased four pieces of gear at the convention; the GT Magma Glove, the GT Sub-Zero Glove, the GT BTM Suit, and the GT Exo

  • A crowd favorite, the GamerTech Magma Glove is a pre-game warmup glove that leverages a combination of targeted thermotherapy and compression to bring gamers enhanced performance and dexterity while preventing injuries.


  • Going hand in hand with the Magma Glove is its cooldown counterpart, the GamerTech Sub-Zero glove. This uses cryotherapy and passive compression to reduce acute pain and allow healthy recovery post-gaming sessions.


  • Another crowd-pleaser: the GamerTech GT Exo is an exo-suit that uses a mix of material and apparel tech to enhance the gamer’s upper body and arm mobility while also building support and stability for their spine.


  • The GamerTech BTM Suit is a gaming and esports t-shirt specially designed to enable long hours of gaming or esports training, enabling odor and sweat removal without any chemicals and allowing gamers to maintain optimal body temperature without wearing different layers of apparel.


The convention created much visibility for GamerTech, from esports trainers to international distributors positioning the brand for its international journey as a well-integrated member of the global tech community. The overwhelming response also opened doors to the brand in the wellness and lifestyle space. GamerTech will continue to deep-dive into building the future of gaming and esports through gaming-performance wearables and welcomes partnerships and collaborations to catalyze its vision.

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