GamerTech at PAX East 2022

Posted on 20 Oct 2022

Earlier this year, GamerTech shipped out to Boston to join PAX East, a four-day celebration of all things gaming. Treated by some with the reverence of a pilgrimage, PAX East draws in tens of thousands of gamers and people from the esports industry, spanning every gaming genre, from tabletop to console. Not just a celebration, PAX East is a crossroads for gaming culture, fostering vital exchanges between gamers, game creators, and everyone else in the esports ecosystem.

One of the first full-scale gaming conventions since the pandemic, PAX East celebrated the people that make up the gaming community. Importantly, it also sheds light on how the esports industry is poised to grow in the new normal, making it an ideal place for understanding how to reach gamers in the post-pandemic world. 

Gamertech’s visiting party, including our expert support on marketing and business development Dr William ‘The Professor’ Collis, spent their time at PAX East exploring and engaging with the gathering of gamers. It was essential that Gamertech came away from the event with an understanding of the people that make up the esports and gaming community, allowing us to gather real insights into their wants and needs.

From delivering insights about the demographics of gamers to their motivations, PAX East was perfect for painting an in-depth picture of the gaming industry. Events like this, and the qualitative research they allow Gamertech to assemble, is vital for creating tech that gamers really need and understanding how to get it to them.

PAX East was an incredible success, giving gamers a vital return to the communal aspect of gaming. For Gamertech, the connections made and recognition gained were invaluable and cemented in our minds the importance of being at global gaming events and being a part of the evolving global gaming community.