Entering the pro-gaming world with OXG Esports

Posted on 09 Mar 2022

Oxygen Esports, one of the biggest names today in gaming, is one of GamerTech’s product development partners.

As one of the world’s premier Esports organizations, Oxygen (or OXG) will act as a link to the gaming community, making sure that GamerTech’s gear provides even the pros with an edge in performance.

OXG Esports

Oxygen Esports was formed in 2020 out of a strategic partnership between Helix esports, Team Genji, and Team Reciprocity but has grown since then to field elite teams in numerous esports titles including Overwatch, Rainbow Six: Siege and Halo. Being mainstays of the gaming community, Oxygen Esports will embed GamerTech within a gamer-centric ecosystem, allowing Gamertech to optimize our products for performance, usability, functionality and aesthetics with continuous feedback from pro-gaming communities.