The Sub-Zero Glove by GamerTech™ addresses the post-game wrist and forearm recovery needs of gamers. Using Advanced Phase Change Material (PCM), the Sub-Zero Glove applies targeted cryotherapy to accelerate muscle recovery and reduce inflammation so gamers can get back in the game faster.


  • High Performance Phase Change Material

    The Sub-Zero Glove uses an Advanced Phase Change Material (PCM) with 30% more cooling than traditional materials. Targeted zones of PCM allow for deep cooling without any restriction of mobility.

  • Gamer Focused Recovery

    Through clinical research, GamerTech fine-tuned its cryotheraphy technology to target key pain zones and areas where the most frequent injuries occur. As a result, the GamerTech™ Sub-Zero Glove rapidly alleviates acute pain, reduces inflammation and enhances recovery. Gamer-tested and approved, the Sub-Zero Glove is the most elite solution in gamer forearm recovery.

  • Premium Materials

    High precision crafting at GamerTech™ combined with premium and durable high-elasticity materials makes the Sub-Zero Glove as effective as it is comfortable.

  • Elite ergonomics

    – Airtight and anchored fit through an adjustable compression cuff
    – More responsive touch through exposed fingertips
    – Super secure grip from latex infused pads on palms with gecko-foot pattern
    – Hassle-free removal with a pull tab