The GamerTech™ Magma Glove empowers gamers to impose their will on the playing field with improved precision and mobility. The glove uses clinically-tested thermotherapy tech and compression along with adaptive microclimate control to improve circulation in the forearm, amplify dexterity and alleviate chronic pain.


  • Thin Film Thermal Regulation

    Graphene-infused active heat zones use breakthrough Thin Film Thermal Regulation (TFTR) to channel heat exactly where needed, optimizing circulation to the muscle and nerve complexes of the hand and wrist.

  • Unwavering Precision and Speed

    Synergistic heating and compression zones boost circulation and muscle activity, thereby keeping fine motor skills sharp all game long while preventing injury to ensure a lasting gaming career.

  • Customizable thermotherapy

    Three heat settings and automated 15-minute heating cycles allow you custom individualized therapy. Warmup for a savage session, maintain precision throughout the meticulous mayhem or put chronic wrist pain in the rear view, take your pick.

  • Engineered materials

    We tapped into our experience in manufacturing for some of the world’s best activewear apparel brands to create gloves that act as a second skin. A combo of premium moisture-wicking compression materials and cutting-edge construction come together to make the Magma Glove both function and feel great.

  • Elite ergonomics

    – Strong grip from rubber-infused pads on palm surfaces with gecko-foot pattern
    – More responsive touch through exposed fingertips
    – Increased support through reinforced loops on trigger fingers
    – Quick and easy removal with a pull-tab on an extended cuff

  • Battle Tested

    The Magma Glove has proven effective with extensive testing by elite-level gamers. A clinical study spanning 491 respondents and 60 one-on-one interviews showcased elevated performance through heating effects by reducing wrist and forearm pain and discomfort with an effectiveness rate of 1.7X.