Hidden upgrades: surprising esports benefits from better posture

Posted on 18 Feb 2022

Esports are as exhilarating as they are unforgiving, which is why esports athletes need to be completely immersed while they play, focused entirely on reacting and calculating their next move. Gaming sessions can go on for hours and esports athletes need to be engrossed in the game the entire time to maximize their chance of victory. Athletes put in countless hours of dedicated practice sharpening their skills to reach higher tiers of competition.

While long hours of gameplay with total immersion can improve success rate, it can also lead to neglect of good posture. It’s easy to forget to sit up straight when dealing with an unrelenting onslaught of enemy forces, constantly having to survey every inch of your battle map. Poor posture not only leads to a plethora of injuries but can also decrease gaming performance.  Sitting with one’s back hunched and head peering forward can be highly counterproductive for breathing, circulation, and mobility and puts unnecessary stress on the intervertebral discs. 

The hunched back makes it impossible for the lungs to fully expand, nerfing one’s ability to breathe efficiently and keep their brain and muscles oxygenated. It also keeps the limbs and joints out of alignment, making the elbows and wrists work harder to move well while impinging the nerves throughout the torso. Ironically, while this terrible posture stems from being immersed in the game, the difficulty it adds to breathing and moving pulls attention away from the game and makes our muscles fatigue faster, impeding performance and shortening sessions. Over time the problem snowballs; constantly lengthened back muscles weaken while front muscles tighten, making it harder for the torso to support itself while putting excessive pressure on spinal discs. Eventually, serious injuries develop.

On the flip side, good posture levels up performance. Sitting with a neutral spine opens up the chest for efficient, deep breathing. The flood of oxygen to the brain and muscles increases physical stamina, improves cognitive function, and even leads to more confidence. Researchers found that the efficiency boost to the circulatory system from good posture improves endocrine profile, makes people less risk-averse, and facilitates positive thinking – the ingredients for confidence while gaming. When the spine is aligned, the back muscles work less to keep the torso upright while the arms are ideally positioned for ease of movement. 

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