We're building disruptive technology-based apparel products for esports athletes and gamers to

Boost Performance.

Amplify Experience.

Enhance Wellness.

Who is

We are a team of passionate gamers, engineers and scientists dedicated to spearheading the creation of gamer-centric performance gear with elite ergonomics that unleashes a gamer’s full potential.

We understand the problems that affect gamers around the world, keeping them from enjoying gaming and claiming victory.

Backed by

GamerTech™ emerged from the ecosystem built around MAS Holdings, one of the world’s leading apparel-tech manufacturers. From decades of creating unique and sophisticated apparel for the best brands in activewear, swimwear and intimate wear, MAS Holdings has built a spectrum of collaborators and capabilities allowing us to delve into materials science, robotics and much more.

Market Research

1 in 3 Gamers

in the US have reported some sense of discomfort

The data presented below is derived from primary research conducted by GamerTech in 2019 and 2022, which included a sample of over 500 PC and console gamers from the United States.

go through wrist and hand discomfort
experience eye fatigue
suffer from neck and back pain
want to play for longer
want gear to improve performance or comfort


  • Prof. William Collis

    Esports Professor and Co-Founder of Genji Analytics, The Business of Esports and Oxygen Esports Providing GamerTech with esports industry and consumer engagement insights.
  • Dr. Lindsey Migliore

    Esports Medicine Physician, Founder of GamerDoc, and Director of Perfomance - Evil Geniuses Providing consultation on GamerTech's product development and performance enhancement.

GamerTech™ Foundry

  • The Mines

    Experts at GamerTech explore gaming insights to kickstart GamerTech's innovative process at The Mines in the first step of its production. GamerTech’s team analyzes key gamer research - demographics, habits, and physiology - to integrate findings into GamerTech solutions.
  • The Smith

    Key takeaways from The Mines are transferred to The Smith where they’re utilized to develop tangible solutions backed by gaming industry experts and specialized esports physicians.
  • The Forge

    At The Forge, the now tangible project undergoes heavy refinement through rigorous engineering and design testing to give way to optimized performance and economic viability.
  • The Armory

    After several rounds of testing, inclusive of expert evaluation by pro-gamers associated with GamerTech (such as OXG and Wildcard), each GamerTech product reaches The Armory. Once ensuring each product is up to rigid standards, GamerTech’s network of supply chain partners are ready to roll-out the products.

What We Offer


Offering services from concept creation all the way through to design and state-of-the-art manufacturing


Expertise in material science, textile, industrial engineering technology, for rapid prototype development. With on demand raw material to create functional raw material and products


Globally integrated supply chain to source materials and deliver products from FOB to DDP with dynamic International partnerships


MAS patented technologies and products are used by the world's biggest brands. Experience in next-to-skin innovations for fitness and healthcare apparel


In-built knowledge in wearable tech, specialist garments and tech apparel scientists with deep understanding of industry and regulatory standards